A two-day course that includes a review of quality concrete principles, ASTM sampling and testing methods, along with the administration of a two-part certification examination. The first day is devoted to review and discussion of the ASTM Standards and a practice session for the performance examination. The written and performance examinations will be carried out on the second day. If time allows, examinees have the option of running the actual performance exams during the practice session of the first day. Non-programmable calculators are permitted.

​The Concrete Field Testing Technician Grade 1 course will cover the following topics:

  • ASTM C172 Sampling
  • ASTM C143 Slump
  • ASTM C1064 Temperature
  • ASTM C138 Density, Yield & Gravimetric Air
  • ASTM C31 Test Specimens
  • ASTM C231 Air Content by Pressure Method
  • ASTM C173 Air Content by Volumetric Method

​Certification: Being certified by ACI means being recognized by an independent organization of experts in the concrete industry, and is one of the best ways to advance a career in concrete construction.

This is a certification program and should not be considered a training course. Early registration is recommended as the material should be fully studied by the time you reach the review session. Your successful completion of the written examination depends on a thorough knowledge of the course materials.

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