About Us

The MCA’s mission is to deliver value and opportunity to our member firms. We support and assist our members by advocating for our industry in the legislature and leveraging the strength of the Associated General Contractors of America. Our members receive benefits and services that aren’t economically feasible to provide for themselves.

Along with supporting our membership, the MCA creates economic growth opportunities by partnering with all of Montana’s industrial sectors (construction, agriculture, mining, energy) in support of an inclusive industrial consensus focused on the growth and success of every sector of our economy.

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​Working together to advocate for quality contractors, people, and projects by providing value and opportunity for our members.


The Montana Contractors Association is the premier membership organization representing Montana’s construction industry and professionals while improving the quality of life and safety in our communities.

2021-24 Strategic Plan


The MCA recognizes the following values of the organization and our members:

Professionalism: We convey excellence, where each endeavor is performed with safety, quality, and integrity.

Generosity: We are generous with our time, talent, and resources. We focus on giving back to our community.

Collaboration: We are committed to teamwork through open and transparent communication.

Leadership: We engage and unite our membership toward common goals.

Organizational Goals

The MCA recognizes the following goals of the organization and our members:


Support and engage our members through value-based programs, services, and events that provide a competitive advantage.

Leadership Development

Create pathways and opportunities to develop leaders for the MCA and member companies at all levels.

Workforce Development

Elevate the construction industry as a profession of first choice and expand strategic partnerships.


Cement MCA’s role in advancing the construction industry, holding government accountable and ensuring the trades are supported.

2024 MCA Board of Directors

Back row (left to right)

Tyler Smith (Lakeside Excavation), Anthony Laslovich (Water & Environmental Technologies), Cale Fisher (Riverside Contracting), Pat Drynan (Helena Sand & Gravel), Guy Slaybaugh (Century Companies), and Bill Langlas (Langlas & Associates)

Front row (left to right)

Michelle Cohens (Sletten Construction), Matthew White (White Resources Group), Hal Fuglevand (Knife River), Deb Poteet (Poteet Construction), and Alex Cote (Travelers Bond & Insurance)

Not pictured: Ryan Dunn (Martel Construction)


Cale Fisher – President, Hal Fuglevand – Vice President, Guy Slaybaugh – Treasurer

2024 MCA Associates Board of Directors

Back row (left to right)

Nick Shull (Wipfli), Shawn Pabst (Felco Industries), Anthony Laslovich (Water & Environmental Technologies), Brian Jensen (RDO Equipment), Dale Anderson (Cogswell Insurance), and Jon Tierney (HUB International)

Front row (left to right)

Art Logan (Joe Johnson Equipment), Dale Anderson (Cogswell Insurance Agency), and Jim Rosteck (Pacific Steel & Recycling)

Not pictured: Jacqueline Stensland (Moss Adams)


Anthony Laslovich – President, Jim Rosteck – Vice President, Dale Anderson – Treasurer

2024 MCA Education Foundation Board of Directors

Back row (left to right)

Dane Cotten (DC Excavation), Bill Ryan (Dick Anderson Construction), Stan Dugdale (Prospect Construction), and John Hurd (RDO Equipment), Kyle Schellinger (Schellinger Construction),  and Jaclyn Giop (O’Keefe Drilling)

Front row (left to right)

Mary Youderian (Youderian Construction), Charlee Prince (Prince, Inc.), and Michelle Cohens (Sletten Construction).

Not pictured: Jaci Giop (O’Keefe Drilling) and Kyle Schellinger (Schellinger Construction)


Michelle Cohens – President, Stan Dugdale – Vice President, Jaci Giop – Secretary/Treasurer

MCA Divisions and Committees

MCA members are involved in a wide range of construction-related activities. In order to appropriately represent these varying interests, the MCA has developed divisions and committees within the larger association. These sub-divisions of the MCA allow our members to obtain focused industry information, and to take part in detailed discussion of the issues that affect their businesses.