Considering a career in construction? Nice! Why, you ask?

You are looking for a job that offers good wages, generous benefits, and the opportunity to grow in your profession.

Our MCA member companies need a dedicated, skilled work force to help them build Montana.

Brilliant! Let’s get started.

Why construction?

Let’s face it. Not everyone wants to sit at a desk in an office building all day. For many Montanans, a career that allows them to be outside, work in different locations, and build things with their hands, is the perfect fit!

Beyond the obvious draw of the great outdoors, consider these additional reasons for pursuing a career in the construction industry:

Good wages — In Montana, the annual median earnings for construction occupations is $44,710. Of course, that amount goes up or down, depending upon skill and responsibility level. That definitely beats the $20,000 you’d make in many other entry level jobs!

Generous benefits — Many of MCA’s contractor members provide their employees with health care, pension, and 401(k) retirement savings through the MCA Health Care and Retirement Trusts. That’s one less thing to worry about!

Room to grow in your career — A big part of working in construction is staying current with training and new industry trends. This commitment to constant improvement ensures that employees dedicated to growing in their position have the opportunity to move up in their company.