Building Partnerships

Meet Chip Rinehart, industrial arts teacher, at Hellgate High School. 

Across the nation, contractors are scrambling to fill open construction jobs. Montana is no exception to that trend. For this reason the MCA is working closely with Montana’s superintendent of public instruction and industrial arts teachers in schools across the state to support students who want to pursue careers in construction.

How are we doing that?

Want to connect with an MCA member in your area?

At the MCA, we believe the best way to encourage Montana students to pursue careers in construction is to introduce them to the skilled trades when they are young. For this reason, many of our members work closely with middle schools and high schools in their communities. Don’t have a partnership in place with a MCA member in your town? Call the MCA at (406) 442-4162 to schedule speakers for career days, plan construction site tours, or to just coordinate an introduction.