ACI Flatwork Finisher Technician

‚ÄčThis program is designed to provide a basis for certifying experienced concrete finishers, alleviate problems related to improper field practices, upgrade the quality of concrete construction and prepare the industry for mandatory certification specifications. Craftsmen who upgrade their skills and credentials through ACI certification may increase their own opportunities as well as contribute to the advancement of the industry.

The Concrete Flatwork Finisher and Technician course will cover the following topics:

  • Basic concrete technology
  • Concrete materials and mix proportioning
  • Concrete control tests
  • Proper use of placing and finishing tools
  • Placing, finishing and jointing
  • Curling and protection

Certification: Being certified by ACI means being recognized by an independent organization of experts in the concrete industry, and is one of the best ways to advance a career in concrete construction.

This is a certification program and should not be considered a training course. Early registration is recommended as the material should be fully studied by the time you reach the review session. Your successful completion of the written examination depends on a thorough knowledge of the course materials.

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