MCA offers up-to-date, technical training programs like ACI Field Testing Technician, SWPPP Administrator Certification, ACI Flatwork Finisher Technician, Lean Construction, and more. All sessions are coordinated by MCA’s master trainer, so quality is assured.

For additional information about our training programs, contact Keith at (406) 442-4162 or ​

Training Calendar

A two-day course that includes a review of quality concrete principles, ASTM sampling and testing methods, along with the administration of a two-part certification examination. The first day is de... More

​This program is designed to provide a basis for certifying experienced concrete finishers, alleviate problems related to improper field practices, upgrade the quality of concrete construction an... More

The MCA provides ACI testing on an ongoing basis for individuals who want to take the certification exam, and for those who need to re-take a failed written exam. Prior to registering, contact Keit... More

​A one-day course that includes instruction on properly performing, recording and reporting the results of four basic ASTM laboratory procedures related to the determination of concrete compressi... More

​This one-day class will cover all aspects of pervious concrete, including mix design, batching, placing and curing. Appropriate for engineers, designers, finishers, and batch plant personnel. Up... More